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Bonn City Tours is a local tourism start up from Bonn and was founded in 2017 by the history student Daniel Friesen. Bonn City Tours offers national and international visitors high quality guided tours in many languages. The guides with academic degrees do not only get their knowledge from their studies, but portray authentic informations, stories and anecdotes which are remember by the guests with pleasure. With the “free walking tour” the 29 year old historian has become an omnipresent figure of the daily life in town.

Additionally, Bonn City Tours offers you special tours like the VW-bus tour, pub crawls, Beethoven tours, team building events or customised group and company tours.


Founder and tour guide

Welcome, my name is Daniel and I am a historian and founder of Bonn City Tours. After my studies in Ireland I decided to share my positive travel experience with others by showing them my beautiful home town. Even I as a local was amazed by the amount of local legends and anecdotes which are hiding behind every corner and I am looking forward sharing these stories with you. Never stop exploring!


Tour guide

Hey, my name is Robert and I’m a local student of History and English. Growing up close to Bonn and having lived in the city for more than 4 years now, I have really got to love the coziness of our capital village. Through my own travels and living abroad in the US and Ireland, I have come to appreciate the anecdotes and stories, only locals could share about their cities. Telling my friends and family about historic fun facts is something I have always enjoyed, and I am looking forward to sharing some of Bonn’s most fascinating tales with you.


Tour guide

Hey, my name is Nacho and I am Spanish, but I have been living in Bonn for six years now. I came in 2012 to do my Erasmus year and I fell in love with this city and decided to stay and study my Masters in English Literatures here. This is why I love to share my experiences and favourite places and show the city around to the visitors, from the perspective of a tourist, as I also was once.


Tour guide

Hi there, I am Laura and I study Political Science. I am originally from Berlin, but I decided to move from the current capital to the former capital Bonn, because in fact, for certain fields of international politics, Bonn is the better place to be than Berlin! Now, I make all my friends from Berlin come visit me and they are always surprised about how pretty Bonn is. With Germany's main seat of the United Nations and surrounded by great hiking trails, Bonn is a global and green city that has been under the radar for too long. I'm looking forward to show you around!


Tour guide

Hi, my name is Frederic! Being born and raised in bonn I’m in love with This City for now more than 25 years. Currently I’m doing my masters in politics in my beautiful city. During my own travels I always enjoy being shown around by people who are experiencing it on a daily basis. As a „local“ I’m really happy to show you around and explore my hometown! There is so much to see - let’s go beyond the guidebooks!

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