What we do

We from Bonn City Tours believe that passion and love for the city are the most important abilities one has to have to be a tour guide. We are a freshly founded start up by history students and want to show you our beautiful city in its best way. Via walking, cycling or with our VW-bus we offer you a variety of experiences troughout the whole year. Discover the city in a personal and relaxed atmosphere were we show you the beautiful spots and tell you the intersting stories of our city´s history and our personal experience.

Either as a tourist who wants to join a Free-Walking-Tour or as a local who has visitors and wants to show them the city in a private tour with by foot or with the VW-bus. Besides our guided tours companies have the option to book a rally for a team building event.

Free Walking Tours

Discover the city in a personal and relaxed atmosphere with local guides. At the end you decide how much the tour was worth to you. Feel free to join us!

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Private Tours

We also offer private tours through our lovely city Bonn. Either for a meeting with friends, family or visitors we will take you on a trip through Bonn.

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Company Events

If it’s a teambuilding rally or a personalized tour, we offer various city experiences for companies.

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Our Guides


Founder and tour guide

Welcome, my name is Daniel, history student and founder of Bonn City Tours. During my studies in Ireland I have travelled a lot and enjoyed the personal and relaxing way the Irish do city tours. Back in my hometown I decided to share the positive experience I have made with others and I enjoy it a lot.
Basically, because I can combine my two favorite hobbies: talking and history. I am looking forward to lead you through our beautiful town and show you that history has way more interesting stories to offer than only dates and facts.


Tour guide

Hey, my name is Robert and I’m a local student of History and English. Growing up close to Bonn and having lived in the city for more than 4 years now, I have really got to love the coziness of our capital village. Through my own travels and living abroad in the US and Ireland, I have come to appreciate the anecdotes and stories, only locals could share about their cities. Telling my friends and family about historic fun facts is something I have always enjoyed, and I am looking forward to sharing some of Bonn’s most fascinating tales with you.