Pub-Crawl Tours

Discover the local beer culture of Bonn and meet new people. In this tour you will hear everything around German beer culture and the stories and anecdotes which happenend in our local pubs. 

22€ per person plus fees. In the price included are three little beers (0,2L) and one free shot in the end (Sambucca or Mexican).


VW-Bus Tours

Bonn has more interesting things to offer than one might reach by foot in one tour. We are offering you a personal bus tour in a VW-bus from 1966 through our lovely city. You will hear plently of local anecdotes and stories while enjoying the experience to sit in T1-Sambabus.

150€ total for up to six persons for two hours.



Beethoven Special Tour

Discover Bonn on the footsteps of Beethoven and learn more about the most famous son of the city. In this tour we are going to follow the footsteps of Beethoven in Bonn and telling you local stories from his birthtown and later life.

14€ per person plus fees. Children are free.


Bicycle Tours

Discover Bonn by bike and listen to local stories and anecdotes. The Rhine valley, parks and an ice cream are waiting for you with stories from the Romans over Beethoven up to Bonn as an old capitol of Western Germany.

15€ per person plus fees. In the price included are two balls of an ice cream from an Italian restaurant which is pretty popular in town. Children are free.